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New Season Starting Soon (and various)
8/12/2007 11:19:00 PM

Site Map Some of you saw us this week at Phoenix Hill Farmers' Market standing out there in 102+ weather. It was almost unbearable to set up, tear down, etc., but we did it. Unfortunately, it was about all we could do last week. 8 a.m. in the mornings starting out at 90 degrees all week did not help our plan to plant this week. We did plant lettuce last week and we've lost it already due to the excessive heat, watering makes it even worse. Rain would be awesome again at this point. 

We really need a week to plant so that we can have lots of fall items for our CSA members. So we have made a very important decision:  We will start CSA one week later than planned. Tiuesdays will start August 21 and Thursdays, August 23rd. This will put us into 12 weeks on November 6th and 8th. We will go longer than that if we can. With the cooler weather expected next week, we are sure that we can get a lot seeded, so please bear with us. (We will still be at the farmers' markets, but we often buy items from our neighbors to sell at the farmers' market, so please don't think that we are selling your goodies. 

Our Fall "soupfest" and annual meeting is now set. Mark your calendars for Thursday, November 8th at 6:00 p.m. at Bardstown Rd Presbyterian Church, 1722 Bardstown Road, Louisville. There is no cost and you can bring your family. As we get closer, I'll ask how many you'll be bringing with you, so I can be sure to make enough soup. Bring an appetite, this is our way of thanking you for being so supportive of Misty Meadows Farm. This is also the time that we will talk about the year's CSA and ideas for the next CSA. This is where we start taking memberships for the following year and of course there is always a discounted price to pay early and even more if you pay for the Spring and Fall session at one time. We will have door prizes and surveys and if anyone else has things they'd like to say... well, let us know and we'll put you on the Speakers list (not that we really have one, but we always welcome your views, ideas, suggestions, etc.)

Many blessings,

Ralph and Kathy Packard


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